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Native American Rattles

Native American rattles or shakers are an instrument that is used in sweatlodge ceremonies, healing, community songs or a moment of reflection and connection on a walkabout/journey. All nations used the rattle in one form or another, as simple as a handful of stones shaken in ones hands to the more intricate beaded turtle rattles that are used by many of the Iroquois nations.

We make our rattles out of wild Deer and Moose rawhide which we gather and process in the fall up in the Laurentian Mountains. The Moose skin, being thicker and able to receive humidity, is well preferred in sweatlodges where it can keep its shape and sound. The Deer is good for smaller women's and animal totem shaped rattles. Also, the thicker ones are sometimes used as a drum stick on the hand drum for healing and ceremonial purposes.

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