The Legend of the Dreamcatcher

Legend has it that Grandmother Spider, who sang the universe into existence, was saddened by the bad dreams of her human children. Grandmother Spider went to the wise Willow tree and asked him for his beautiful branches. She went to the powerful Eagle, the messenger of the Creator, and asked him for his powerful feathers. Grandmother Spider then bent the branches of the Willow into a circle connecting all the people and the creatures in the world. She spun her web of wisdom around the willow hoop to catch her children's bad dreams. Grandmother Sun's morning rays burned away the bad dreams tangled in the web, while the smaller good dreams passed through. Any bad dreams that were still left were turned into nighttime dew. These dreams trickled down the length of the feathers and were given back to Mother Earth.

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Caribou Antler DreamcatcherOf all Native arts and crafts today, perhaps the most recognized is the Dreamcatcher. The first Dreamcatcher was made with a Willow branch and sinew, and was placed above the sleeping area of a child. As the story goes, its purpose was to help process dreams, both good and bad ones.

People of all Nations today continue to use the Dreamcatcher in this way. The Dreamcatcher has also taken on a greater significance. Many people have them placed in their vehicles and are used for protection, "good fortune", or in solidarity with Native American teachings.

The Dreamcatcher is a physical manifestation of our connection to spirit (world). Many children in this world start to forget, and as terrifying as that may be, the Dreamcatcher keeps them connected.

The dreamcatchers we make are one-of-a-kind. We use Willow and Ash wood, Deer and Caribou Antler as well as metal hoops wrapped with Deer skin. We enjoy working with semi-precious stone because it adds both colour and medicine to the Dreamcatcher. We gather and trade feathers from all over North America to produce a product which is really outstanding.

Our Dreamcatchers are truly unique and among the most respected and appreciated ones on the Powwow Trail. We really hope that you like them, too! Please contact us and we will work together to figure out your needs and make something breathtaking!

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