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Drum Bags and Purses

Moose Leather PursesOver the years of making Drums we have come to realize that the best way to protect the Drum from the changes of humidity in the environment is to keep them stored in a leather bag or wrapped in leather.

In protecting the Drum this way, at any given moment, the Drum will sing with a voice that is happy!

Moose Leather Drum BagsOur collection of wild Deer and Moose hides that we transform into leather has been our source of material for our Drum Bags and Purses. We mostly use Moose in our creations. The thickness of the Moose hide helps to keep the form of the Bag, especially for those who like to keep a full Purse.

We originally started out making Drum Bags and over time, through demand, we evolved into making Purses.

We make a variety of sizes for both Purses and Drum Bags, and although similar in look, they do differ from one to the other. However, we do keep them quite simple to give you, the client, an opportunity to add your own style and energy.

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