Sheldon Sundown recording Smoke Dance CD
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Native Musicians are blossoming all over Turtle Island. Both old songs and new ones are just pouring in. We saw that one of the biggest blocks for this musical and creative expression was an economic one — the musicians could not afford to be as great as they could be. Especially for drums groups, which involves a dozen or so members and their families traveling all over North America, the costs can bring even the best, most talented group to a stop.

Errol Francis recording for Tribal Spirit MusicOver the years, we have developed many friends in many different creative professions. Our life experience has also instilled in us a strong belief in fair economic development. This combination led us to start recording the music we love. Tribal Spirit Music is the first Native music label to record drum groups and make powwow and hand drum music available for download online!

Tribal Spirit facilitates the production of a CD by bringing together Errol Francis, who has been making and recording music for 30 years, and our long-time friend Gustavo Chavez, a brilliant graphic designer from Montreal.

Without complicated contracts or a large outlay of cash, we work together with the artists to produce a very high quality CD package and sell it online, which helps Musicians continue to sing and excel. In the end, the Musicians and Tribal Spirit share in the residual benefit of our combined efforts.

The notion of Fair Trade products has a long history in the developing world. We believe that good trade means that both sides of the partnership must come out on top! You can purchase our Fair Trade music at

Aboriginal Music Awards: Tribal Spirit Music 2011Tribal Spirit Music Productions

As Drum Makers, we began recording one of the first Powwow Drum Groups to play on our Powwow Drums, Black Bear from Manawan, Quebec.

The CD Akwesasne Live went on to be nominated for the 2008 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. We got beat by Northern Cree, but the boys from Black Bear were thrilled just to be nominated!


Chippewa Travellers: All My Relations, winner Best Aboriginal Album Cover & Best Traditional Powwow Album, Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards (CAMA)
Eastern Eagle: Rezonation, nominated Best Traditional Powwow, Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards (APCMA)


Black Bear: Out Of Hibernation, winner Best Contemporary Powwow, APCMA
Smoke Trail: Long Red Road, winner Best Traditional Powwow, CAMA
A Tribe Called Mi’kmaq: We Honour The Water, winner Best Traditional Powwow, CAMA
Eastern Eagle: Softer Side, will be nominated in 2012

For the 2012 Powwow season, Tribal Spirit Music will be releasing new projects from Chippewa Travellers, Smoke Trail, and Sheldon, Black Bear and Frazer Sundown (Smoke Dance & Round Dance CD!).

Tribal Spirit Music recording Chippewa Travellers 2012

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