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Hand-Crafted Native Drums

Tribal Spirit makes unique, superbly hand-crafted Native art that is both beautiful and functional. Our passion is to share the traditional teachings of aboriginal peoples through our work. Our specialty is the Powwow Drum.

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Tribal Spirit Music, our sister site, is the first Native music label to record powwow drum groups and make powwow and hand drum music available for purchase and download online. Now you can buy Fair Trade music at

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Drums Need Drum Sticks

Fluffy Powwow Drum SticksPowwow Season is just around the corner and I bet that your drum stick from last year is looking kind of rough! Well, you came to the right place...we have a large batch of brand new Powwow Drum Sticks ready to go.

Hard Head Powwow Drum SticksJoywind and Helene ( a new member of the team) have been working hard and have Hard Head Sticks, Fluffys, as well as shorter Hand Drum sticks in lots of different colours and designs — sure to turn heads in the arbor! Give us a call, or email us and we will send pictures of the various colour schemes we have in stock.